Our African Art and African Curios Shop

We are established in a safe and secure premises in Midrand in between Johannesburg and Pretoria (opposite Gallagher Estate). There is a staff compliment of 27 on hand to help.


1000s of African Curios

When you step into our shop you find almost every African artifact imaginable. For as far as the eye can see, dive into the festival of shapes and colours, from the smallest to largest African statues, huge animal rug skins and big game taxidermy.


Our African Art and African Curios

We have a very wide selection of:

  • Skin products
  • Stone Carvings
  • Wood Carvings
  • Ostrich Eggs
  • Pottery
  • African Jewellery
  • African Beadwork
  • Zulu Spears and Shields
  • and much more


Our Facilities

To add to the African experience, why don’t you join us at “The Watering Hole” for some light meals and enjoy our garden atmosphere. Not only drinks and food but also some last minute African DVD’s and specialty liqueurs are available to take home with you.

Our garden also has a children’s jungle gym and ample space for kids to run around.