General Questions

1What are our business hours?
Cambanos and Sons is open Mon-Fri from 9am to 5pm and also on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. We are also open after hours and on public holidays for prior bookings. Please call (011) 315 9411 to make group bookings.
2Where do our products and artwork originate from?
All of our items in the shop are sourced from African artists and jewelers and are inspired by African themed designers.
3What do our products focus on?
All of our products are inspired by African artwork and wildlife designs. We offer a unique piece of Africa that any tourist or enthusiast will be able to take home with them.
4How does one purchase something from the website?
Upon adding an item to cart, a form is sent through to one of our highly qualified company representatives, who will then contact you regarding prices, available stock and different methods of payment.
5Do we deliver globally?
Yes, we can mail anything globally, please contact our store to find out more information regarding shipping and fees.
6Why are all the prices set to R0.00?
As the stock is continuously changing and due to security reasons the prices are not included on the website. Don't feel discouraged! As soon as an item is added to cart and ready for check-out, your request will be submitted to one of our company representatives who will be able to quote you further on any inquiries that you may have.